New Story ***DB Kahlil Tate commits to Iowa***


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Nov 3, 2012
Heaven, Iowa
Almost hits like Bob Sanders in portions of that video!

That cannot feel good for those tackled.

But for us?



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Aug 10, 2009
Tate is the 5th commitment for Iowa from the June 24th official visit weekend with 3 prospects left undecided.

Still Undecided:
Asa Newsom
Kendrick Gilbert
Jordan Allen

Decided since June 24-26 weekend:
Kadyn Proctor - Iowa
Trevor Lauck - Iowa
Zach Ortwerth - Iowa
Kenneth Merrieweather - Iowa
Kahlil Tate - Iowa
Jaron Tibbs - Purdue
George Burhenn - Purdue
Chris Terek- Wisconsin
Trevor Buhr - Iowa State
Logan Howland - Oklahoma
I was told Asa has decided. Don’t crucify me if that’s not true, but that is what I was told.


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Feb 17, 2016
The ball may end up in his hands more than we think. And there's always the return game too.
I was thinking the same thing but I really think these DB’s are coming to Iowa to play DB! We all look at the athletes and say, man he needs to ball in his hands.. but these guys want to play D for Iowa!


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Nov 23, 2001
I was told Asa has decided. Don’t crucify me if that’s not true, but that is what I was told.
Tell me what he has decided to do. I’ve got a couple of huge boards and some nails that are waiting to find out if they need to be of service.
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May 20, 2014
Yeah ... I can definitely see the fit at Cash.

The bigger clincher is that the "timing" makes things even more suggestive. Iowa's CASH spot is so well trained and such a versatile spot - that our last 2 regular starting guys at CASH left with eligibility remaining.

The implication here being that the starting cash-position will likely come available while Tate is still an underclassman. Thus, if Tate can win that spot - he can be a multi-year starter there. As recent history has shown ... that ends up being a one-way ticket to an NFL gig.
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May 20, 2014
Some folks also have inquired about why the Hawks have seemingly gotten so many DB recruits in recent classes. Here are some (hopefully) clarifying explanations:
  • Moss, Merriweather, and Roberts are each listed as SRs in '22
  • Last year we lost Hankins, Koerner, and Belton.
  • A few DB recruits didn't "land" on campus over the past few recruiting classes ... specifically, Gulley didn't make it from the '20 class and Trader didn't make it from the '22 class.
  • Future depth at corner is definitely in question - very little is truly known (outside of fort Kinnick) about how guys like Lawson and Deasfernandes have been developing. At the very least - all of the future depth at CB are unknowns (and that even includes TJ Hall - although he's been generating a lot of positive internal buzz).
  • Guys get injured.
  • Phil Parker is a hard-ass ... and while his guys are every bit as dedicated to him as he is to them ... but not everybody makes it out of Phil's bootcamp!
  • Stars in the secondary often leave early ... so you need to make sure you have depth!
So if we look at the tally so far over the past few classes, here are the "numbers:"

'22 class: Nwankpa (S), Entringer (S), Hall (CB), Lee (CB)

'23 class: Nestor (DB), Tate (DB), Lutmer (S)

Going off of need and/or depth ... I'd guess that Nestor is a CB and Tate is a Nickel CB/CASH. However, if need be ... I could see Tate be a CB and Lutmer or Entringer could be at CASH. Anyhow, there are plenty of permutations ... and that flexibility will help Phil to find the right "fits."


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Oct 27, 2001
Omaha, NE
Tate reminds HawkGameFilm (awesome follow on Twitter btw) of a cross between Micah Hyde and Ojemudia which I think is an awesome cross ref. Would like to see him w/some reps on offense, maybe Parker will have a battle on his hands especially w/a stacked D for years to come!

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