Didn’t know Tyler Goodson was Tim Dwight sized


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Oct 28, 2019
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At least this article states he’s 5’9? He sure looked bigger than that more like 5’11 to ‘6

  1. Running backs are a dime a dozen, or so the NFL wants everyone to believe. Well, more accurately, the majority of those around the league understand a productive back can be found without making a significant investment in the position.
    Eight of the league's top 10 rushers last season weren't first-round picks. Day 2 tends to be the sweet spot for the position, but quality contributors are consistently found much later in the process.
    Iowa's Tyler Goodson isn't prepared to take over as a lead back at the professional level, though he led the Hawkeyes in rushing in each of the last three seasons. In fact, Goodson's workload increased every year during that stretch and culminated with a 256-carry, 1,151-yard effort last season. For comparison, teams tasked nine runners with more carries in 2021.
    The 5'9", 199-pound back's value derives in playing as a part of a zone-heavy, pro-style running game, his overall quickness and versatility as a pass-catcher.
    Kirk Ferentz's program is known for churning out quality prospects who are prepared to play upon arrival. Part of the reason why is the Hawkeyes have been essentially employing the same schemes for 20-plus years, which the coach originally brought to Iowa City from the NFL. Goodson is a capable runner who can turn the corner on the outside zone or bend it back for chunk plays. He presents an extra gear with 4.42-second 40-yard-dash speed.
    Goodson is also comfortable working in the passing game. The underclassman caught 70 passes during his three-year career.


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Jan 2, 2009
ESPN bio has Goodson at 5' 10". Wiki has Dwight at 5' 8". Goodson is also 20 lbs heavier.