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Nov 20, 2006
Under Fran, it feels like we’ve never gotten a favorable draw, always playing a tough first rounder & then running into a second round opponent that’s either best on their line or under seeded.

Lady Lucky has to come around at some point, right? If we get a decent draw, this team is absolutely capable of making it to the weekend.

Would love to see us climb to a 6 seed, and play a soft 3 seed like Providence for a chance at the sweet 16.
I think this "unfavorable draw" thing is a bit overused. I seriously doubt too many teams look at the field and think "Wow, we're gonna blow through this bracket." Sure, we've had some cruddy draws (e.g. Playing Duke in Greensboro, Arizona in Tempe, Gonzaga in Seattle), But in the post-Davis era, we've lost our NCAA Tourney game to an eventual Final Four team a grand total of once (Villanova '16, who of course won the Natty). Only 2 other teams won their next game, with the other 5 all losing their next game. Oregon played out of their minds against us last season and we played like crap, plain and simple; can't say playing a Pac-12 team in Indy is a bad draw, and they came back down to earth and lost their next game to a #6 seed by double-digits. Also, Iowa had the Sweet 16 practically handed to them on a silver platter their First Four season, but we couldn't protect a huge lead against Tennessee, so they got that benefit.

It's true, though, that Iowa has not benefited from an upset in the bracket since 1987 (played #6 Okla in Regional Semis instead of #3 Pitt), but it's hard to get that kind of break when you can't win more than 1 game.

The bottom line is that you make your own breaks. When you do as much losing in the Tourney as Iowa, things never seem fair. Time for these boys to change history...
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Oct 10, 2001
Some specifics: (1987 to present)
Losses to High Ranked Blue Bloods
#1 Arizona
#2 Duke
#1 Duke
#3 Arizona
#1 Kentucky
#1 UConn
#2 Kentucky
#2 Gonzaga
#2 Villanova
#2 Tennessee

Some of the less impressive losses
#5 NC State (we were a 4)
#5 Wake ( we were a 4)

#14 NW St. (We were a 3)
#11 Tennessee (We were also an 11)
#7 Oregon (we were a 3)

The only #4 or better teams we have beaten ( '87 or later)
#4 Arkansas
Thanks for posting - I know some people thought we had a shot at beating Duke in one of those games, but IMHO we did not have a chance in hell when I was watching the game at that time..... :)