Fauci: Open Schools And In Person Voting


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Nov 15, 2001
So, what does Fauci recommend? From the Post:

States with minimal virus: “So if you're in one of those areas, generally referred to as the green states … with some overlap with others and generally, you can get back to school with the kinds of precautions that you do in general society," he said.
States with “smoldering infections": “You might want to tighten that up a bit and do things like, you know, the hybrid models where you have part online, part in person," he said.
States with high infections: In consultation with local authorities, and the Centers for Disease Control, “they may want to pause before they start sending the kids back to school for a variety of reasons."

seems totally reasonable


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Nov 15, 2015
This is obvious but the debates is below.

"The 'however,'" Fauci said, "is we must not compromise the health, the safety, and the welfare of the children, of the teachers and secondarily of their parents, who they may spread it to."

Reopening schools safely will look different in different parts of the country, Fauci said. "We must be flexible and open-minded, and one size does not fit all."
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May 29, 2001
He's been very consistent with his message. What's all over the place are the snippets of his quotes used as headlines to bolster an agenda. Weak minds like the OP feed on that to confirm his deeply rooted bias.
He has no idea what to do. Like most.
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