Game Worn Football Jerseys


HR All-State
Jun 10, 2019
Didn’t know if this should be on the Football board as it’s not specifically about football going on right now.

I’m in search of game worn football jerseys but not sure where to look or whom to reach out to. I specifically want a Ricky Stanzi jersey and I know as the years go by they’ll be harder to come by. Price really isn’t too much of an issue, it’s more trying to find one.

If anyone has any leads, I’d be thoroughly grateful.


HR Heisman
Nov 3, 2004
UI Surplus used to sell them on eBay sporadically. I’m not sure if they still do though. I got a number 28 home jersey for $50 about 7 years back.

It was always pretty random with a mix of home and always jerseys and numbers. I can’t remember for sure if it even said what year it was worn.