Ginni Thomas tells Daily Caller she looks forward to testifying

Huey Grey

HR Legend
Jan 15, 2013
Just how sexist and racist is the left? They tried to lynch Thomas when he was nominated for the court and now are doing it again. Such good people on the left that they started the kkk and are continuing it's legacy. Funny too how Ginni isn't independent from her husband on her decisions and actions. After all a woman is just an extension of her husband right?
You belong in the Tucker thread.


May 6, 2004

But what’s the point of voting for a party when they won’t do the absolute bare minimum things after they are elected … like act promptly to save a democracy.

The House has a member who gave tours to MAGA people who invaded later that week. 17 months later - Subpoena? No. Deposition? No. Ethics charges? No. Still a representative? Yes.

They have had the video for 17 months.
Seems like republicans have delayed, stalled, undermined and done everything in their power to slow this investigation I wonder why. Refuse to put qualified people on the committee. Nominate individuals that actually tried and wanted to overturn the election. Refused to come when subpoenaed. Why will Republicans just not tell the truth . . . hmmmmm

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