Golf at the 2016 Olympics


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Aug 14, 2008
With the FedEx cup winding down, if you want to watch something besides the impending stock market collapse, the run for the 60 men's Olympic spots could be pretty entertaining.

Right now, Dustin Johnson, and Zach Johnson are the two highest rated golfers that won't qualify. The top 15 golfers in the world ranking get an automatic bid, but no more than 4 golfers can qualify from 1 country. Johnson and Johnson are currently 5th, and 6th for the US.

I personally, would love to see the US golfers of Spieth, Fowler, Johnson, and Johnson...but I'm not a big Bubba fan, so there's that.

All golfers have up until July 11, 2016 to increase their world ranking to qualify.

Some interesting notes....

The lowest ranked golfer to get in as of now is Lucas Lee of Brazil at 303. He gets the auto bid as the highest ranked player from the host country, Brazil.

The US is the only country that currently can qualify more than 2 golfers. England, Australia, and South Africa could be in the hunt for a few more though. I don't see any other countries making a run at 3, unless someone comes on strong.

Currently, England has Rose (8), Willett (24), Casey (26), Poulter (38), and Westwood (40). Even if they don't have two more climb into the top 15 with Rose, the fight for England's second bid is going to be fun to watch.

Australia currently has Day (1), Scott (12), and Leishman (35)

South Africa has Oosthuizen (13), Grace (21), and Schartzwel (45)

Vijay Sing of Fiji is currently one of the last three in at 233.

Eduardo Molinari is the first one out at 270.

Miguel Angel Jimenez is currently in, Angel Cabrera is not, but he is not far off. I'm not positive, but I think Jimenez and Sing would be the only 'senior' (+50) golfers in. Furyk is currently in at 45.

Sangmoon Bae would currently qualify, but mostly likely will fall out.

Not to put the jinx on him, but Graeme McDowell is in pretty good shape to make it. Even thought he's 65 spots behind fellow countryman Rory McElroy (2), he's nearly 200 spots better than then next.

China will likely get 2, but there won't be any from the Soviet Union, and hardly any from Eastern Europe (unless the OC alters how they do the world rankings).

Tiger Woods is not going to qualify.

Of other local interest, it looks like the PGA has moved the John Deere from the week before the Open, to the week that the Olympics will be going on, August 8, through the 14th. It could actually be a pretty good field since only 4 US golfers will be unavailable. It will also be the second to last event to gain position for the 2016 FedEx run.

Since the Open Championship starts on July 11, it's possible that a player could win the Open, and not be in the Olympics (the boost in world ranking would be too late).
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