I saw a smoking hot woman in church this morning


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Feb 16, 2006
Originally posted by SonofHounded:
Loog, why did you put yourself in this ridiculous situation? You have really brought yourself to an all time low.

At this point, you can't really say anything without being completely hypocritical. Nice one....
Yeah, he did it so bad he won't even use that name anymore.


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Dec 21, 2001
I saw a super hot woman in church this morning. Yeah, I know, you ain't supposed to notice these things in church, but what can I say -- the flesh is weak.

Anyway, this gal has three little girls, and she's probably pushing 40. But, holy crap, she has the body of a hot college girl. Very thin, with long, gorgeous legs and probably a small C-cup. She is so pretty that she hurts your eyes.

She does have the "Dallas" look -- the nails, makeup, hair, perfect clothes, etc. But not gaudy. And her three girls are always immaculate in both appearance and behavior. And this lady just has a sexy, but not affected, walk -- her hips and butt just sway so nicely over those beautiful gams.

In fact, when I got home from church, I went straight to the bathroom, lubed up, pictured her hot body and sexy walk, and masturbated.

But here's the funny thing: her husband is the cranky old Texan. I mean, the guy looks like a old farmer. When I first saw him, I just assumed he was her dad. But then I asked my wife, and she said "no, that's her husband."

How does this stuff happen? My wife thinks that this guy may have been more of a "catch" when they first married, but he didn't age well. And, you know, some women are just like fine wine: they get better every year. And maybe she's one of those women.

But I just look at guys like that and I wonder if they know how damn lucky they are. Do you think that he knows that his wife is an insanely hot Texas babe, and that he's a crusty old fart? He sits there in church with this grumpy scowl like he hasn't taken a crap in over a week. And I'm thinking, "what's with the scowl you lucky old bastard? don't you know how good you got it?"

Dang, this woman is just smokin' -- and I mean SMOKING! -- hot. She has a pretty enough face to be a Cosmo model, but without the emaciated, nasty, Kate Moss body. She just has a perfect body. Nice tan legs, a sweet ass, and perfect natural tits. Very, very nice.


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