Iowa Among Schools w/ Lowest Number of Transfer Portal Entries Since Aug 1


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Oct 12, 2003
The transfer portal is significantly different, and Iowa is not looking at transfers replacing the better part of their team, they are 1-3 players away from making a significant run at the BIG next year. You can still be loyal to a QB and open up competition. Smothers has not transferred and Max Dugan has not tranfered. Which QB are you afraid of losing?

There is nothing brave about stating Frost had a great senior year with Nebraska, I would assume any of thier posters would say the same about Banks. Scott Frost had 1100 yards of rushing his senior year, and you think either of Iowa's QB's are better? He had 19 rushing TDs alone.
I've heard this statement a lot...and I am curious which 3 players you are thinking need to be replaced. The D was solid as is right? Accept the for experienced depth in DBs but even here we had solid replacements step in when needed that will be back and we have a 5* recruit who will see playing time. So, no Portal player needed here.

That leaves the Offense showing possible weakness at QB, OT, OG and possibly WR (although I like the time invested with our two Freshman wide outs).

Yet, I see the two weaknesses (OL, QB) as being related, and more of a depth due to injury issues. Plus, I just don't see another Cam Newton or Russell Wilson type player joining Iowa making an immediate impact last year, do you? Who might of that been?

But the post is about this year (2022/23), I get that.

So, assuming the injuries and OL depth are no longer an issue, and all linemen have improved and will continue improving (per the Bowl game performance) AND, assuming that improved healthy OL play provides more time to pass for SP or AP or JL and our young Soph WRs who will improve as well, you are not confident that the OL, WRs, and QB's will improve enough to win the B1G and be invited to the CFP?

Instead, you feel that a new Transfer Portal QB, new to Iowa's Offensive Playbook, has a very good chance of syncing up with the Iowa RBs, TEs and WRs in one years time, better then the current QB room.

OK, while that is quite a stretch, you may be right. BTW, who is (was) that QB you had in mind?

I agree, we need improved OL play, QB play and even WR play to get to 12 wins next year, win the B1G and get into the CFP, absolutely no doubt that.

I just don't think we need the transfer portal to get that done, IMHO.
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