Is Josh Dix This Year's Austin Ash?


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Jan 4, 2004
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He still might. Good point about the weight training to get his body ready. I do really like what I saw in him. He moved well on both ends of the court. His shot will fall and it will then start to come in bunches as his confidence grows. Another solid weapon on the floor.
Doesn't the current rule state that if he plays any part of a real game, he can no longer redshirt? That would preclude John from taking advantage of the redshirt. Not that I want him to anyway. Plus, I believe the coach leaves it up to the player. He may offer his advice and recommendations, but the player has the final say.
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Jan 16, 2002
Dix will be a solid player for Iowa. I do wish Fran would would take a more Wisconsin type approach with his younger players. Instead of telling a kid who clearly needs to develop his shot to the college game speed to keep shooting I wish instead he wouod say if you want to play learn to play defense and do the small things first. Leave the scoring to the guys that have developed.

Its like Fran is all offense and nothing else. Wisconsin has turned a lot of avg to below avg athletes into stingy defenders that know how to impact the game doing the small things. Guys like Dix under Fran seem to spend all their energy on shooting and never develop defensively. If they're natural shooters shooting will come around a lot easier. The other college game skills don't come naturally unless you work your butt off at them.
Fran does love him some offense.


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Nov 17, 2019
It was great to see the Hawks back on the court last night and even greater to see some new faces on the roster see their first minutes on the court. Although the Hawks failed miserably recruiting the portal, they did bring in 2 freshmen who already appear poised to receive playing time.

So what's the deal with Josh Dix? It looks like Iowa beat out a few Big 10 teams for his services before his gruesome leg injury. That injury occurred months AFTER Keagan Johnson's "undisclosed injuries," yet miraculously Dix is already fully healed and ready to sprint up and down the court while Johnson has vanished from the face of the earth.

Unfortunately, I did not like what I saw from the guy in his first outing. Despite playing just 13 minutes, he managed to chuck up 8 shots in his first outing. He went 0-5 from 3 and just 2-8 overall. Accuracy aside, it was more the selfish way he played that got under my skin. It was reminiscent of my least favorite Hawk of all time, Austin Ash, who immediately shot the ball every single time he touched it, whether double teamed at half court or if a teammate was wide open beneath the basket.

Hopefully the 0-5 shooting and ball hog tendencies were just first game jitters and there are many, many better days to come for Dix. But I've never seen a true freshmen so full of himself that he'd step into his first ever game and immediately start wildly shooting up bricks. Teammates will definitely notice.
You are an idiot.
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