Is there an explanation for KF / BF...

WinOneThisCentury II

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Sep 19, 2021
Freely substituting our guard/tackles on offense to get tape to find out who are the top 5...but refusing to substitute for a QB who has obviously lost his confidence and his mechanics. Don't you think giving Padilla a few series would tell you anything? It's hypocritical to handle the QBs different when your starter has basically sucked for two straight games. He just ain't got it right now. I'm not trying to belittle Petras...but his numbers are god awful...he hasn't shown any moxie to make things happen...and all we do is go three and out and punt...95% of the time. He's missing throws that are layups. He's missing layups. Would Fran play a guy who can't make a layup? or misses 6 wide open breakaway layups in one game?

Here they are...offensive line gurus and they are willing to accept inconsistent play from linemen to arrive at your best players. It makes no sense to me why they are so bullheaded about this. You had every right to pull him at the one would have questioned make a decision that everyone will question if we lose and he plays poorly. They deserve every critical question...and they should walk over to the defensive room and apologize.

I'm not in the fire KF or BF camp...I'm just mystified by the decisions these two are making right now.