local newspapers tightening paywalls

General Tso

HR Heisman
Nov 20, 2004
Just a random (or maybe not so random) observation - seems like I'm seeing more and more local newspapers block access or restrict content behind paywalls. I totally get that local newspapers are struggling. However, then I see offers for things like "get one year of access for $10 (or insert some nominal amount of money)" My peanut gallery question - is it really worth making the casual reader jump through the hoops of paying $10 to read content vs the risk of outright losing those eyeballs given there so are many other news sources? I don't know squat a about the economics of local papers, but if I lose 20 readers because I added friction to their experience, I'm guessing I'd lose more in ad revenue than I would gain in the occasional person who might actually sign up for access.
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