Looking at next year's team


Mar 16, 2014
I don't think there is any doubt that Keegan turns pro. I have looked at numerous draft projections and he is anywhere from 6-10. That is a three year deal at a minimum of $11M. Life changing money that he should jump at.

My other assumption is Connor won't be back and JBo is definitely done. If rumors about Josh O are true then what is left. Dix will probably redshirt.

Joe T, Ulis and freshman Bowen at the point
Perkins and Sanfort at the two
Pmac at the three
Kris at the four
Rebraca and Mulvey at center

Pretty good nucleus to start with. I think Kris, Pmac and Mulvey will be much better with another year in the weight room. The core could be very good. Add another key piece or two, look out.

Fran needs to hit the portal or JC ranks for another good post (we need more rebounding) and wing player. Hearing rumblings about Aimaq but everybody wants this big man. I expect another big will be offered. Could Shaw be a possibility?

Will be interesting to see.
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HR Heisman
Dec 4, 2016
CMac will be back and Kris possibly gone. Hell, Keegan and Kris might both be gone or come back. Who knows what they will do.