Lots Of Noise in Carver Tonight


HR Heisman
Apr 22, 2014
If Iowa bball was playing a top 5 ranked bball team on a Friday or Saturday night yes it would be loud too. Remember during weiskmap’s freshman year top 10 Michigan came in on a Friday and Iowa knocked them off and place was rocking too. Problem is we have no Friday games, played our 1 Saturday last vs PSU and have 2 Sunday games vs MN and Nebby, blah. Rest are weekday nights with tip off times like at 8pm. Wrestling has the luxury of always being Fri-Sun. If they were wrestling purdue Wednesday at 8pm don’t think would be as raucous as it was tonight or even close to it.


HR All-American
Oct 30, 2001
Same building. 🤔
Ah, trolling the bball board after a wrestling loss...nice

If you pay any attention it was damn loud when we hit a few threes to cut the lead to 5ish the very night before and it didn't even take a 2 vs 1 matchup or weekend night or Pyrotechnics to make it happen.

I root on and watch both teams and the truth is outside of a 1 vs 2 PSU matchup (crowd was amazing last night) the 2 are pretty similar. I watched the Purdue dual and there were lots of open seats and plenty stretches that were very quiet like all the non Penn St ones. To deny that just isn't being honest. The fact that people endlessly try to make this a pissing contest between 2 very different yet well supported sports is so lame and overdone

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