Man Incited by 2024 Republican Nominee Donald Trump to Drag Police Officer Into 1/6 Mob Gets More Than 7 Years


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Jan 6, 2005
Jupiter, FL
His wife set up a go fund me. This is what one of the donors just wrote:

Amanda, I am here for you and the girls. You and Alb have my family support. Let us know if we help. I keep you, Alb and the girls in my prayers all the time. What the judge did to Alb is disgusting, wrong and political! The cop/actor fanone will burn in for his lies! I watched evidence and Alb did not hurt this POS fanone! Alb is innocent! Stay strong you all. 2 more years. God Bless you.

What really happened:

Metropolitan Police Department Officer Michael Fanone was on the front lines of the battle for control of the tunnel entrance when Head grabbed him. Head yelled “I’ve got one!" as he wrapped his arms around Fanone's neck and dragged him into the crowd outside the tunnel, prosecutors said.

Head restrained Fanone while other rioters beat and shocked the officer with a stun gun at the base of his skull. Fanone lost consciousness during the assault, which his body camera captured on video.

"Although Head was separated from Officer Fanone in the moments that followed, Head would have been able to hear the sound of the taser being activated again, Officer Fanone’s screams of agony, and the yells from another rioter to ‘Kill him with his own gun!’” prosecutors wrote in a court filing.
During Thursday's sentencing hearing, Fanone said the attack gave him a heart attack and a traumatic brain injury and ultimately cost him his career. He has written a book about his Jan. 6 experience and testified at a hearing held by the House committee investigating the insurrection.