Megan G with Mercury

Aug 16, 2003
Watched Megan Gustafson today from excellent, courtside, seats and i left with a greater appreciation of her pro game. She is an excellent role player, taking advantage of her 10-20 minutes a game as a super aggressive defensive player with a solid offensive up-side. I can’t understate her aggressiveness on defense, which is why her fouls occasionally lead her stat line.

Very fun to watch and a crowd favorite because of her work ethic.

She saw my daughter wearing Hawkeye gear and came over to give her a tshirt and a hug — cool moment.

I had never sat courtside at a BBall game before — it’s a completely different experience than being in the stands.

Here’s hoping that Megan sticks with Phoenix for a few years…


Sep 1, 2010
Off topic here - My CEO had season box seats for the Suns. Somehow he got 2 tickets along the floor on the end of the court. My Son and I sat there and the players just walked right by about 6 feet away. Pretty cool.
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