Missouri Radio Station Cites “Cancel Culture” In Refusal To Stop Airing Russian Propaganda Every Day


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Jul 11, 2007
Should the likes of Putin and Kim Jong Un have access to freely broadcast over our airwaves? I'm thinking the FCC should yank this station's license to broadcast.

Kansas City’s ABC News affiliate reports:

For six hours every weekday, 1140AM KCXL broadcasts radio programming paid for by the Russian government, called Radio Sputnik.
Sales manager Jonne Santoli-Schartel told KMBC on Thursday she and her husband, Peter Schartel, have no plans to pull Radio Sputnik from the station’s airwaves.
“If we can’t express our viewpoints anymore, and we have cancel culture, and people deleting and people putting pressure on other people to not hear certain programming, then we’re in trouble and freedom no longer exists,” Santoli-Schartel said.