My "new" Hearing Strategy....


HR King
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Sep 5, 2007
you can’t always get what you want!
Today I: Watched the hearings on FOX and listened to their "commentary and summation" at the halftime break and after the hearing was adjourned. I think this is good because.......Listening to those insightful journalists of FOX "live" they don't have time to edit and recreate what was actually testified to...and they really are stuck with "the facts" if they say anything at all.....Follow up on my last week observation regarding the "orange sun tan" that Bret Baier is is starting to fill in better and not quite as obvious but I did notice that the part in his hair, the skin is the same color as his, might Bret be using "color" in his hair, now? Iy goes well with his new "orange" look.....but it is a little scary!
I did watch the postgame on CNN......Bernsteing, Woodward and John Deam were pretty formidable and impressive in their observations about what went on today.......Dean....who thought today's "special session" was a mistake unless there was really something new today, thought the witnesses and the Committee "knocked it out od the park" today.....
The FOX folks thought is was not a good day for Trump but the George Washington U. law-dog Turley believes the Committee still doesn't have that "smoking gun" needed to indict my President.
For the record, my impression was that Trump was surrounded by men of little moral character.....just like him! After watching a clip of his testimony before the Committee, General Flynn is also known as "General Fifth"....

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