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Mar 12, 2003
In my morning mail was a recent Chad Leisitkow (Hawk Central attached) reflections on the recent NIL launch “Iowa Swarm Collective”. I find it curious that University of Iowa wrestling was not part of that discussion. Although the University of Iowa wrestling program is not a mammoth revenue generator, Iowa wrestling does have considerable political muscle throughout the state of Iowa.

Leisitkow’s article is an excellent read, providing background and content of the Iowa Swarm Collective. The Iowa Swarm Collective appears to be guided several University of Iowa alumni, mentioned are Brad Heinrichs (Golfer) and Scott Brickman (Baseball). Some humor, near the middle of the attached article Heinrichs begins to outline his planning for the Iowa Swarm Collective to a group of Iowa coaches and administrators. Heinrich proposes;

“Give me the keys for thirty-days and I’ll set things up”.

Hmmm, when I was young, and flying real high I believe I spoke those very words to my father.

My father was a good man and is remembered well.


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Jan 14, 2009
Brad Heinrich posts in the Lounge. He said the wrestling program has or will have its own collective and didn’t wish to be included.

Wrestling would prob make more money on their own: 100% of a smaller pot over a small % of a bigger pot.
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