New Jersey man finds thousands of dollars from the 1930s while rehabbing a house.

Apr 22, 2022
Gilson told USA TODAY he isn’t going to spend the money or try to sell it.

“It’s a great story, and if I start to tell a story and somebody says ‘can I see it?’, and I say, ‘well I bought a hoagie with it.’ That seems silly. “

No, it doesn't, Gilson. A thousand-dollar hoagie sounds like a better story.


HR King
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Jan 30, 2008
CSB, when we cleaned out my mom's house we found little bits of cash hidden all over the place, or something that just got forgotten about. When I took it to the bank the teller would take it and put it immediately into a plastic bag for disposal. I asked the teller the first time and he said they just send it straight back to the Feds because of counterfeit concerns, and because people don't recognize it as good money. The stuff I had was only 40ish years old.

The Tradition

HR King
Apr 23, 2002
Those are probably silver certificates which are theoretically more valuable than our full faith and credit fiat money.

Can you actually go to a Federal Reserve Bank and demand silver for those things? I have some in the bedroom closet firesafe here at Tradition Manor.