OAN Host Uses Photo Of Nazi Book Burning In Call For Public School Libraries To Purge LGBTQ “Filth”


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Jul 11, 2007
At least they're not trying to hide their alignment...

Media Matters reports:

On August 22, OAN host Kara McKinney defended a right-wing push to ban LGBTQ books from schools, using a photograph of a Nazi book burning in her commentary.
“I think banning pornographic books from school libraries is not only justifiable – it’s the only moral option,” McKinney said. “It’s our duty, in fact, to purge our schools of such filth.”
Before the Nazis took power in Germany, the “Institute for Sexual Science” was a global pioneer in studying homosexuality and transgender identity, and its founder, Magnus Hirschfeld, was a known advocate for LGBTQ equality.
After taking power, the Nazis labeled the institute “offensive for public morals,” shut it down, and burned its contents on May 6, 1933.


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Mar 29, 2002
Here's the thing - they haven't been trying to hide who the are for years now it's just the regular GOP members who pretend like it's all accidental.
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