Opinion If today’s GOP baffles you, consider what motivates its base

Huey Grey

HR King
Jan 15, 2013
The 70's and 80's were pretty darn good. A guy could get a pack of smokes or a can of Skoal for under a dollar, kids actually played outside and got fresh air and everybody wasn't sitting around staring at their cell phones. No social media blowing everything up. Lots of outdoor pickup games, baseball, basketball football. Just like the All in the Family theme song, "Those Were The Days."
Kids 100% got out more, but fresh air was hard to come by. Cig smoke waseverywhere. In everyone's cars, homes, restaurants, malls, bars, literally everywhere.


HR Legend
Feb 14, 2002
Umm has it occurred to you that it's possible that people who think the country has gone downhill since the 50's may be referencing things other than racism, lower technology, and limited women's working opportunities?

In the 50's most kids had a mom and a dad who lived in home.

In the 50's an entire family could be sustained from one parent working one job.

Granted I think ignoring the other unsavory aspects of the 50's is a major oversight, but there were some positives there.
Ah, the good ol' days. When women knew their place.