Owen Freeman (3* 2023 Center) & TJ Power (4* 2023 PF) Officially Visiting This Weekend. Cooper Koch&Caleb Middleton (2024 PFs)& Dasonte Bowen as Well.


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Ok, I am not fluent in emoji. What is that one that both Bowen and Freeman used in their tweets and what does it mean?
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Watched some Caleb Middleton on HUDL.

Doesn't have much of an offer list, and his film kind of reflects that.

- Solid leaper but nothing special
- Good timing and technique on shot blocks
- Good use of pivot moves
- Has a decent right handed hook inside 6 feet
- Didn't see much from 3
- Runs ok for his size
- Skinny

One thing that stood out on film is he is pretty right hand dominant at this stage. Tended to always drive right handed, and did not like to finish with just his left hand but rather even when turning to his right shoulder with the back to the basket he still wanted to turn into the defender so he could finish right handed. Maybe other film shows more from the left side but I am severely right handed in the post and his moves are very, very similar in terms of what pivots he uses to free up his right hand.

Could have a lot of potential especially if he grows to 7', but currently seems interior based without a lot of explosion or strength. A typical Fran "long, lean and skilled" guy but he better have 3 point range given his current build. He's listed as a C not a SF so if he wants to work inside with pivot moves in the B10 he better put on the feed bag.

I trust Fran a lot on these types of guys - he often is the first to commit to someone who goes from 250 to 100 about 12 months later. Currently don't see it on film, but maybe if I saw how tall his parents were I'd be committing early to him too, who knows :)


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Nov 3, 2012
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@Ronman @perryhawk & @BlackNGoldBleeder , I don't make many guarantees, but I can guarantee you that after this weekend, among these 5 visitors, we will be left with at least ONE commitment!!! ;)

We should have more, especially if they want to win a, well, you know....am I right, @EvilMonkeyInTheCloset ?? ;)

@perryhawk , I was trying to make a joke here.

We have 5 basketball visitors this weekend:

2022 PG Dasonte Bowen
2023 Center Owen Freeman
2023 PF TJ Power

2024 PF Cooper Koch
2024 PF Caleb Middleton

When I wrote that I guarantee that after this weekend, among these 5 visitors, we will be left with at least ONE commitment, that one commitment, is, of course, Dasonte Bowen. ;)

Sorry for the confusion.

Any who, we have 3 scholarships currently available for the 2023 class. This is such a huge recruiting weekend for football & basketball.


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Sep 12, 2013
Freeman looks like the a kid who plays a lot a small school against other small schools. He dominates because nobody else is as big. That highlight package looked pretty weak to me.


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Check their schedule, Bradley-Bourbonais plays a lot of the south suburban schools, not small schools and certainly not soft either.
Bradley-Bourbonnais is a really bad team. I saw them this summer and Freeman has very little around him.


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Nov 3, 2012
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From Left to Right:
Caleb Middleton (6'10 PF)
Courtney Eldridge, Iowa Director of Recruiting
Dasonte Bowen
TJ Power (6'8 PF)
Josh Ogundele

As you scroll down, you will see the tweet from BABC, which is the Boston Amateur Basketball Club.


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Nov 3, 2012
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A little birdie told me that Freeman is a Hawk. Let’s hope my little birdie knows a little something something.

Hope you / they are correct.

For a guy entering his junior year, you can't teach 6'10 height and his ball skills are only going to grow.

And his offer list so far is impressive.

He has 13 offers so far:
Ohio State
Michigan State
Notre Dame
Wake Forest
Western Illinois

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That's what I'm talking about. Impressive. Back when I was a lad in the eary 80s, I attended a Hawkeye exhibition game. One play that still stands out was a midcourt steal by Steve Carfino.

Carfino broke away for a layup basket but there was an opponent running at him from across the other side of the court. When he got about halfway down the lane he exploded and jammed it down with two hands just as the other player leaped to try and block it. The gym EXPLODED. Carfino was a small guard. I don't think anyone saw that coming. The other team called a TO, Hawkeye players smothered Carfino. Will never forget that play.
I stood next to Carfino on the old Fieldhouse Court after practice one day. He is another one who looked small on court but I stand 6'3" and he was bigger than me and very solid. Then again, maybe it was the hair!
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Jan 6, 2003
Does it seem Iowa recruits more white players than most schools do? I wonder why? Is it because white players are more open to be recruited by Iowa than black players are? Any ideas?

Sidenote- I ran into Joe T at Hy-Vee and chatted with him a bit the other day. We have some mutual acquaintances out east. He couldn’t have been a nicer guy. I’m looking forward to see his progression this year. On TV, Joe looks short and thick. In person, he looks trim and above average in height. It’s all relative, I suppose.
My guess is that more black players will be in the top 8 and three will start!

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