Pandora: thumbs up/down question


HR Legend
Apr 15, 2003
If I’m listening to Pandora on the SiriusXM app, and let’s say I’m listening to Sturgil Simpson station, If I thumbs up a song by say Chris Stapleton, will songs by Chris Stapleton will start popping up when I’m listening to non-country stations? I was listening to Sublime station today and effing Chris Stapleton came on. He is no way the same genre of Sublime. If I’m listening to Sublime and similar, I don’t want to hear Chris Stapleton.

So, if I thumbs down Chris Stapleton while listening to one station, will it continue to play his music on other stations or does it remove him across all stations?

If I’m listening to Cake (great new band I discovered), I don’t want to hear country music.

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