Pence calls out ‘Putin apologists’ in the GOP


HR King
May 29, 2001
Former vice president Mike Pence, speaking at the conservative Heritage Foundation on Wednesday, called out “Putin apologists” in the Republican Party as he issued a warning about rising “unprincipled populism” within his party.
Pence chided Republicans who have pushed against U.S. funding of the Ukrainian defense. Several Republican lawmakers in Congress, most with deep ties to former president Donald Trump, have criticized efforts to support the Ukrainian war effort.
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), for example, is signaling that if Republicans win the House majority, the GOP is likely to oppose more aid to Ukraine.
In his remarks, Pence acknowledged that there is a “rising chorus in our party, including some new voices to our movement, who would have us disengage with the wider world.” But the United States, he said, shouldn’t shy away from its support of Ukraine.
“As Russia continues its unconscionable war of aggression to Ukraine, I believe that conservatives must make it clear that Putin must stop, and Putin will pay,” he said. “There can be no room in the conservative movement for apologists to Putin.”
Pence, who has raised buzz over a potential 2024 run, also said the country is “on the cusp of a new era of Republican leadership.”
“I think we need to chart a course that doesn’t veer off too far in either direction,” he said. Republicans, he said, can’t “allow our movement to be led astray by the siren song of unprincipled populism that’s unmoored from our oldest traditions and most cherished values.”
Rep. Liz Cheney, the Wyoming Republican who split with her party over her objections to Trump, also condemned Republicans who want to pull support from Ukraine. Unlike Pence, she specifically called out McCarthy by name, saying at an event hosted by the Harvard Kennedy School that his suggestion was “disgraceful.”



Oct 24, 2001
That's the thing. All of the Trumpkins hate him. He doesn't stand a chance of getting the nomination.
He did the unthinkable. He denied tRump the corrupt act he so desired. He stayed true to the Constitution and rule of law. How dare he? No wonders the Maggots hate him.

Donald tRump = Putin apologist. Putin is begging to get him back in office so he can continue to control him. Putin's lapdog.
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