Pfizer hiring huge new COVID-19 Booster Sales Team


HR Heisman
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Aug 31, 2017
The American Southwest
This is an odd look. Pfizer is restructuring and laying off various teams in a restructuring move and preparing to hire a massive new COVID 19 booster vaccine sales force. Have a friend who was recently laid off after 20+ years with Pfizer who said the same thing.

The new booster should not require an army of drug reps pushing it since CDC/NIH/TV/social media are already doing that job. Hiring a new sales force has a huge built-in cost so I am sure Pfizer is expecting a massive return on their new investment. Should not the booster sell itself?

The annual flu vaccine booster does not require a salesforce.



HR Legend
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Feb 5, 2003
Thinking about it from a business perspective, there is a huge market with competitors. They are making a push to position their vaccine as superior to competitors in the minds of patients.

From a medical perspective, this is why there is a Sunshine Act and why we need to prohibit drug companies from marketing directly to patients.

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