President Biden confirms he will attend the queen’s funeral


HR King
May 29, 2001
President Biden said Friday he will attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in the United Kingdom.
“I don’t know what the details are yet, but I’ll be going,” he told reporters after speaking at an event in Ohio.
Biden praised the queen as “an incredibly gracious and decent woman” on Thursday night during a speech at a Democratic National Committee event in Maryland.
Before those remarks, he stopped at the British Embassy in Washington to share his condolences with the staff and wrote a note in the guest book.
Biden last visited the United Kingdom in June 2021 for a meeting of Group of Seven leaders. He also met with the queen in London during that trip.



HR Legend
Nov 30, 2011
What is remarkable about Queen Elizabeth II is that
upon becoming Queen seventy years ago...................
She pledged her allegiance to God, before her citizens
could pledge their allegiance to the new Queen.

She was a humble and gracious leader who set a good
example for her nation and the world. She remarked
that her favorite U.S. President was Ronald Reagan.
They had become good friends and was a guest at
the Reagan Ranch in California. She and Reagan went
horseback riding together which she really enjoyed.