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Mar 29, 2002
One huge caveat, though: compared to Minnesota, Army, Princeton and Nebraska (all programs with more Nattys than FSU) the Seminoles ARE in one of the greatest states for football talent in the country.

Of course you also have the entire SEC and ACC stocking their teams from that cupboard, but at least you have the proximity and good fan support.

Nebraska did win a few - RIP Bob Deviney.
May 27, 2010
I have a friend who went there and another friend whose son had it in his final two school choices. Both said it's a cool town with a very nice campus. Seems like a pretty nice place to me.

I presume people assume it's "white trash" because it's in North Florida. But then again, Austin is in Texas and it's full of vegan liberals, so there ya go.
A friend of my son enrolled at FSU last year. They were told that if he spent his freshman year studying abroad that for the remainder of his time at FSU he’d be eligible for the in state tuition rate. That’s what sold them on the decision. That’s a helluva racket they have going there.
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Mar 5, 2005
4 “sixth” men in a row…
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Apr 23, 2002
Beg all you want but like your politics you’re mistaken here too. 😬

And you know damn well I’m no gator-lover

To be honest, I'd rather be in the B1G than the $EC for a variety of reasons.

Not having to share money with the stinkin' gators is reason #1.
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Jun 15, 2004
There’s a bit of controversy over on Warchant. **surprise**
With all the conference consolidation talk some of our fans were doubtful that B1G fans would travel if FSU were to end up in that conference. Or if we would travel to Iowa/Minnesota/Illinois in November.
So I’ll come right to the source:
Would y’all come down (or drive in since lots of Iowa grads already live in Florida) to Tally for a game?
Probably not, but I won't say no. It could happen but probably not.