Rail merger 'a disaster of monumental proportions': Eastern Iowans rail against Canadian Pacific merger to federal regulators

Red Runney

Jun 22, 2022
Bettendorf IA
My fellow citizens in the Bettendorf are misguided on this one. The merger is a good thing.

Eastern Iowa residents detailed to federal regulators on Tuesday a flood of concerns about the proposed merger between Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern.

The two north American rail companies want to merge and create a single-line rail system connecting Mexico through the U.S. to Canada.
Eastern Iowa, including the Iowa Quad-Cities, is expected to shoulder the brunt of additional train traffic as a result of the proposed deal.
Resident concerns were wide-ranging — more trains could mean blocked access for emergency responders to homes and parks, greater likelihood of a derailment, accidents, hazardous spills, and more noise impacting residents' and businesses' quality of life. The rail bisects riverfronts in Davenport — which sees thousands of people attend events — Bettendorf, Leclaire, Princeton, and Camanche, among others.



HR Legend
Jun 27, 2018
It's nice how the article fails to mention Dubuque...where the CP is looking to greatly expand freight traffic over the CN. Good luck with that.

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