Republicans thought defining a ‘woman’ is easy. Then they tried.


Jun 22, 2021
Here’s the deal, Flick. I’m actually on the side that there is a biological basis for classifying humans male and female. Just because there are rare variants and anomalies, doesn’t mean those terms are now ambiguous. While I don’t believe the topic is appropriate for political theater and polemics, which conservatives have tried to make it about, recognizing a normal baseline that biologically distinguishes male and female humans should not be a subject of rigorous debate in our political discourses and pissing matches. It’s just silly. Yes, we can respect nuance and the expanding of the term “woman” to include variance in gender identity and expression, but to argue vociferously there is no biological basis for classifying humans as male or female upon birth is ridiculous.

With all of that said, I am absolutely astounded, although recent history should have led me not to be, how an “issue” that should cast conservatives in a more favorable light actually became an ignominious stumbling block for them to completely trip over their own “tallywhackers” and reveal just how empty and vacuous the inside of their thick skulls really are. It is seriously unbelievable how fugging stupid some of these “morans” can be. I guess that’s what happens when your primary motivation—cloaked or not—is bigotry.
The country isn't viewing the republicans as the stupid ones on this issue.....
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