(Rumor) Lounge has thread on QB1 & QB2 being out with the Flu?


Aug 6, 2002
Confirmed. Flu bug has been going through the team. They said it on the radio pre-game

texas twister

HR Heisman
Jan 14, 2005
food poisoning doesn't hit you in 15 minutes. It takes 6-12 hours for true food poisoning to proliferate in your body before the endotoxins cause illness. What you had a was a tummy ache not food poisoning.
According to the medical site I read, it says "sometimes is take 6 hours or more". I never throw up, never get the flu, had severe stomach aches, and all shortly after eating fast food. There are all sorts of reaction to food poisoning. The things I ate were things I commonly eat all the time anyway - tacos and a grilled chicken sandwich. I am certain that those common things I have eaten for years didn't suddenly disagree with me.