Rutgers game critical for bowl eligibility


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Jan 21, 2009
I quit going to bowl games. Hell, half the players sit them out these days.

But those extra weeks of practice are crucial.

Yes, because it looks like those extra weeks last year have paid off!

I agree with the original poster except counting Illinois as a W. I see it as a toss up at best right now. It’s sad we are a threat to miss a bowl game with a crap non conference schedule and playing in the worst division in the power 5.


HR Heisman
Jan 27, 2013
There was a couple decade span when I enjoyed going to bowl games. Now that I no longer have to live through dreary Iowa weather from November to May it's just not the pick me up it used to be. Combine that with sh!tty offense for several years now and there's just no interest. I think the only thing I'd be interested to see in person now is if they made the playoffs.

Any conference win is a good win when you have only 2/3 of a team (defense and special teams). As far as bowl eligibility, meh.