SDSU Front Four = Pittsburgh Steelers Steel Curtain

WinOneThisCentury II

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Sep 19, 2021
That's all I got to explain what I saw today. We made those guys look like Joe Greene, LC Greenwood, Ernie Holmes, and Dwight White.

Seriously, these guys owned the line of scrimmage FCS team. Not only could we not run the ball, we couldn't protect either. Petras was terrible...but the damage isn't as great if the oline can provide a running game and at least protect him. They couldn't. The interception was on Petras all the way...all he had to do was step up in the pocket to buy time...and he stood there...then made a terrible throw. I was hopeful on Petras...but he dashed that hope today.

I will say one thing in the offensive line's defense. That may have been the worst running gameplan I've seen against that defense. If you watch the tape...SDSU's front four were lining up tight...maybe a yard or so apart and just controlling the middle. You attack that type of formation on the edge, yet our brilliant OC...didn't adjust and we rarely attacked the edge of the defense. We ran Bruce on a jet sweep for 12 yards once. Once. You don't even have to just run outside...hitting running backs in the flat will work too...if you hold the linebackers with a slanting TE or rub them. You attack that defense on the edge...and we just banged our heads against the wall all day because BF thought we were more physical...and he didn't adapt our running game.

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