So, that was gross, but this Defense, WOW!!


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Jul 23, 2002
We always play good D, and we usually have 2 or 3 kids that explode off the screen!! While everyone else does their job!

Not yesterday….even amidst the horror show & the depression that I admittedly had watching that offense.

Terry Roberts still wouldn’t even be starting if it wasn’t for Harrises suspension and he exploded off the screen!!!

Quinn Schulte looked awesome… Probably a tick early on that one play and no real reason to lay the wood late on that kid on the sidelines, even though it did look clean. But not only was he in the right areas, he recognized quickly & closed quickly.

Kaivion Merriwhether looks like he might’ve made a mistake on that play over the top but holy shit did he look fantastic yesterday.

Cooper DeJean looked fantastic!!

Riley Moss look liked him his normal self all over the field and tackling well!

Jack Campbell and Seth Benson holy shit!!!

Jestin Jacobs also looked fantastic until his injury, and it appears Logan Klemp replaced him well!!

On the line Lucas Van Ness just missed on a couple big plays but still looked dynamic and he was overshadowed by four or five other guys…

Joe Evans…WOW!!! Sometimes his size shows up because I saw him knocked down a few times but my Lord a mighty, he is not only the energizer bunny, he is the energizer bunny on steroids, with insane quickness and speed!

Speaking of quickness and speed… Noah Shannon has stepped it up for his senior year… He is nearly unblock-able in short areas…he gets off the line and penetrates so quickly!

Logan Lee was terrific as well!!

Now those were just the guys that flashed momentously off the page… Then we had John Waggoner who played a very steady game, Yayha Black looked good, Deonte Craig Craig played solid, Ethan Hurkett held his own…I’m not sure how many many extra D backs played but holy shit!! As bad as the offense was and it was horrendous, this defense was even better than I hoped early on !!

And if you’re wondering, no…I’m not going to address the offense. It has now reached comedic status. It’s almost like satire they are trying to put the worst offense in the world on the field while also putting the best defense in the world on the field and seeing how things shake out.. it’s stupid, I don’t get it, but man was that defense impressive!!

South Dakota state has a lot of potential NFL talent from an article I read including two NFL type tight ends & 2 NFL type offensive lineman. We actually smashed them into oblivion!!

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