The Arland Bruce stumble/trip is the apt play of the game!!!!


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Nov 17, 2021
Football, like most sports and life, is a funny game. Some games everything clicks and other games where there are a number of plays where there things are just a little off or unlucky.

That play where Bruce caught what looked like a naturally thrown very good ball by Petras, which has not been his normal throw, ends up in a catch where the ball perfectly led him to make a slight pivot and dance into the end zone for a 14-3 hawk lead. But the really good athlete just slipped, stumbled, or tripped and two plays later Pottebaum MAYBE fumbles before the goal line.

Huge turning point.

Terry Roberts needs to go easy on himself. He had to leap to the side to make that INT and he just couldnt get his feet back under him. But there were a lot of what ifs in that game.

But this sputtering offense needs almost everything to go perfectly just to score and get first downs because there are not many playmakers.
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