The B1G continues to pursue Stanford, Cal, Oregon & Washington

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Mar 30, 2010
that is not correct.

Warren, during the covid meetings and on what to do with the football season, actually represented the 14 Athletic Directors and 14 head coaches, who all wanted to have a wait and see approach. None of these 28 individuals wanted to rush into the decision of canceling the football season. Yet, that is exactly what happened; the B1G was the first to cancel the football season and Warren, for some reason, assumed the other Power 5 conferences would follow his lead. Instead, the SEC, ACC and Big 12 commissioners correctly took that wait and see approach.

Bottom line is this: Warren did a horrible job representing the 14 Athletic Directors' and 14 head coaches' wishes when he had meetings with the 14 B1G university presidents/chancellors. A good leader would have known that a rush to cancel the football season was not the correct decision and would have made sure it never happened. But it did, and the B1G was the laughing stock of college football.

Also, when Warren canceled the 2020 football season, he said the decision was final. What a joke that statement was.
Also, ask yourself what Jim Delaney would have done if he had still been in charge. It’s really too as he wasn’t still in charge to get the conference through the pandemic.

I remember a lot of people at the time saying because he was new that Warren didn’t have the power that Delaney had to set a path and convince the presidents to get on board and follow it. But I’m not sure that’s true. Obviously we’ll never know for sure but I think Warren really thought canceling was the best plan, and I definitely think he expected other conferences to follow him and was surprised when they didn’t.
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Sep 5, 2009

If you are going to expand, two makes more sense than four.

ND remains the number one target.

UNC would give us the top public school in a football rich state, and a needed opponent for Maryland, Rutgers and Penn St.

Washington is a good choice.

Oregon has a big brand today, but Phil Knight won't live forever. They are by far the weakest of these four.

Cal and Stanford are excellent schools with very few football fans. Hard pass.
Knight will leave billions to Oregon.


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Nov 20, 2019
I look at expansion selfishly and do the pro's outweigh the negatives for Iowa Athletics? Oh the dollars are nice but geographically Iowa has little or nothing to be excited about by adding west coast teams. I would really like to know what Iowa would expect to gain and I think a lot of other Big Ten Members would like to know what their teams would gain as well.