The faux outrage that Biden is stockpiling baby formula for undocumented immigrants


Jun 22, 2021
I think you are the one that hasn't thought this through. Let's say they are being trafficked. Does that mean we shouldn't feed them? Let them die? Sorry baby that got trafficked to the US. We're not feeding you. You die now. Sucks to be you.

This is just such an insane narrative coming from the right. I've always thought the talking point about the right not caring about babies after they were born in regards to abortion was a little overblown, but here we are. The right literally pushing for the US govt to let babies starve to death.
How many babies come across the border without their mother? Are you able to comprehend how insane that claim is? That babies in need of formula are coming across the border enmasse? Lots of formula being used by incredibly poor people crossing borders illegally? What were those babies eating before crossing the border? Formula? Ever seen how much formula costs? Babies starving to death? Jesus dude what babies?