The Great Muslim American Road Trip


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Mar 29, 2002
Watched a new series on PBS last night. Pretty interesting. Couple travel Route 66 from beginning to end visiting American muslims and learning the history of muslims in the US. First visit was with Ali's daughter.
Girl is Mona Haydar, poet and rapper know for her Hijabi song that went viral. Best part of the first episode was the BBQ in Joplin talking with the teenage girl "I was born in Kansas, I'm sooo midwest, but when I heard that song I felt so seen."

Was a good night on PBS, earlier Ty Burrell was on Finding your Roots. Turns out that the family story about a black grandparent was correct. They traced his 3, 4th grandmothers back to the plantation and then discovered his 5th(?) great grandfather raped his 4th great grandmother when she was his 13 year old slave. Crazy stuff to learn.
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Jul 20, 2001
Have the road trip on record.
Finding Your Roots was great, both segments. Joe Madison, great black radio guy ended up with a white great grandfather.

We are really liking The Hour also.
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