The MAC is the first FBS conference to cancel fall football


HR Heisman
Nov 3, 2001
Does the average 18-23 year old HAVE TO lift weights year round, practice at 6:00 AM, go to film sessions, talk to media, etc.?

Those are way harder and longer days than I work, and I make quite a bit more. I doubt I’m alone. $50,000 to do all the work to be a college football player ain’t shit.
You forgot wear a sleep monitor.....

The question wasn’t does a college athlete earn their money. They do, absolutely. When you figure in their likeness, etc, some are greatly ripped off.

The question I answered was, is $50,000 a year considered being paid very well. At 18-23 years old, while going to school, I would say they’re doing far better than a majority of their peers. Not that they didn’t deserve it or even more maybe.

Those are harder days than I worked too, but you and I both know we would have taken their place in a minute given the chance. I’d still consider it and I’m old AF now.

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