The Real Power of Unions....


HR King
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Sep 5, 2007
you can’t always get what you want!
Is their ability to make some employers treat their employees well. By "threatening" management and cajoling with them to grant employees certain benefits and and allowing them certain expectations, and employee can maintain their position and be profitable. Smart companies see this and are pro-active.
I just saw where Forbes rated "Pella Corporation" as the #1 employer in the state. (Pella Corp is the largest non-union window manufacturer in the world.) Pella Corp has never been a union-shop and it has negated many attempts to make it one. The reason.....Pella Corp management has treated its employees with integrity and respect. For decades Pella Corp never "laid off" an employee due to economic downturn....There may have reduced hours ( factory-wide) but they never laid off an employee. They have paid a "Christmas Bonus" forever to their factory employees. They have maintained a competitive wage for years. They may do things that appear "peculiar" to some but by and large, they have always been pretty straight up with their people.
The irony is that altho "non-union" the threat of unionization has kept management ahead of the curve. In short, their management has been honest and it has delivered......therefore there is no reason to "unionize."