There is talent on the offensive side of the ball..


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Aug 29, 2002
It looked better. OL is very young and made some really bad plays and also improved. I liked how Iowa is trying to get over the top on some throws. The Iowa RB room is in very good shape. The TEs are not producing yet but hoping for some quick improvement. Optimistic vs. Rutgers not sure how they can handle Mich and OSU.


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Nov 20, 2021
Not an overabundance, but enough to be serviceable. Kirk really needs to figure out how to get better production out of these guys. The OL is still a mystery. Without dramatic improvement out of the guys up front, it’s going to be a long conference season.

In terms of Petras, I for the most part liked what I saw (I went to bed after the second lightning delay). He moved around the pocket better, seemed more decisive, and was willing to stretch the field with some deep throws. I personally thought his throws downfield were fine and am guessing a lot of the near misses were timing/route adjustment issues largely due to inexperienced receivers (namely Brecht).

With that said, Petras is still not the answer. The physical tools have never been the problem; it’s the conquering of the mental aspect of the game that’s still a concern. I do not see that same level of swagger Petras had against Nevada carry over into conference play. I hope I’m proven wrong, because if he can play with poise and confidence, he’s not as horrible of quarterback as he’s shown. The concern is conference play is going to bring out the same Petras, where we see more of the same in terms of happy feet, lack of poise, an unwillingness to stretch the field, and rushed release points that cause massive overthrows.
Agree. Good post.

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