This Saturday Could Boil Down to the Kicking Game

Jul 16, 2022
Advantage Iowa.

Tory Taylor is a weapon. ISU has a freshman punter playing his first game on the road.

Iowa with two guys who look promising as place kickers. ISU with another freshman playing his first game on the road and did not attempt a FG last week.

Accuweather forecast also has some wind ... around 10 mph with gust up to 23 out of the north. Wind is a huge advantage for an Aussie style punter like Taylor. ISU punter is conventional style.


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Jan 10, 2005
I was looking through some box scores of games last season, and I didn’t fully appreciate at the time just how big of a weapon Caleb Shudak was. Just the confidence in having a good kicker changes how plays are called inside the opponent’s 35, and whether or not we try the 51 yarder or take the delay of game and punt from the 39. Hidden points.
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