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HR All-American
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Sep 3, 2019
Should the Twins trade prospects for quality pitchers? I have two options in my head.

1. Go all out and get a headline starter and two quality relievers.
2. Just stay put, keep prospects, and wait till next year.

Falvey was supposed to be a pitching guru when hired. He has developed Duran. That is it. Ryan was developed by Tampa Bay. There are 4 real major league pitchers on their 26 man roster: Ryan, Duran, Gray, and Jax. The rest are garbage.

If the FO is not going to go all out what is the purpose? One mid rotation starter or one reliever is not going to equal wins in the playoffs. They will just extend their playoff losing streak IF they win the terrible AL Central.


HR Heisman
Jan 3, 2021
When it’s all said and done the Pohlads are cheap and will do the bare minimum to try and win the division.

losing 18 straight playoff games is a record only the Twins will top.