USA Today WBB Preseason Coaches Poll


HR Legend
Aug 29, 2004

USA Today Preseason Women's Coaches Poll (10/26)
1. South Carolina (30)
2. Stanford (1)
3. Texas
4. Tennessee
5. Louisville
6t. Connecticut
6t. Iowa
8. North Carolina State
9. Iowa State (1)
10. Notre Dame
11. Indiana
12. North Carolina
13. Virginia Tech
14. LSU
15. Ohio State
16. Oklahoma
17. Baylor
18. Maryland
19. Arizona
20. Oregon
21. Creighton
22. Nebraska
23. Michigan

24. South Dakota State
25. Princeton

Others Receiving Votes
Florida Gulf Coast, Texas A&M, Utah, BYU, UCLA, South Dakota, Oregon State, Kentucky, Kansas, Yale, Central Florida, Villanova, Belmont, South Florida, Arkansas, USC, San Diego State, Houston, North Dakota State, Mississippi, Georgia, San Jose State, Miami (FL), Gonzaga, DePaul, Southern Methodist, Massachusetts

Lone Clone

HR King
May 29, 2001
Fennelly has a vote. Bluder no.
Are they allowed to vote for their own team? Just curious. It's not like it means anything one way or the other. What's interesting to me is that ISU is ranked well below Texas here, but is picked elsewhere -- I think by coaches -- to win the Big XII.