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Aug 16, 2005
Hell, Michigan
And which one are you? Do you really think anyone is not "for trying to fix the problem"? Duh.
What is the plan from the NRA backed party and what have they tried to do in the last couple of decades other than get rid of Brady?

For a starting pount.
1)background checks
2) 24 hr waiting period with a mechanism for emergency purchasing
3)taxing ammo to fund a mental health component of some kind
4). Gun insurance
5) registration of all purchases both private and public
6) reauthorize Brady
7) redo the ATF to modernize its ability to function.


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Oct 13, 2001
Yelling and screaming and calling people names 0n a message board accomplishes nothing. That’s the limit to what most of the posters here do. Then they strut around like they are making a difference.

But it gives them reason to pat themselves on their back.
You really want people to shut up about this don't you?
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Sep 21, 2005
You realize the last republican was the first and only president to to ask why an 18 year old can buy an AR and 21 to buy a pistol right? I think his exact words were something to thr extent of "the NRA isn't going to like this but I'm going to ask anyway".

Well done.
And...he managed to get bump stocks banned. In all seriousness, that's a good thing. But it's a far cry from doing anything about mass shootings. There is no bigger example anywhere of how bad the way campaigns are financed than the issue of gun control. Members of Congress do not represent their constituents.


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Mar 29, 2002
Everyone attacking me for telling Tom to give it a fvcking rest, take a step back. JFC, blaming republicans in the way Tom is, is fvcking pathetic. Fvcking stop with that shit. I’m way more liberal than conservative, but for the love of God, that shit is not productive.
You’re right but people would have to stop shouting past each other to recognize that, and it won’t happen.
I appreciate you telling it like it is.
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Oct 20, 2002
It’s satire. He’s highlighting how big a piece of shit LaPierre and the NRA are. Note the mention of the numerous mass shootings. He knows thoughts and prayers are BS and accomplish nothing. The morons in the room didn’t realize they were being ridiculed and applauded.
Ya, I missed it the first time...why? Because it's SOP for the GOP. The GOP is so far gone that I literally missed satire. Let that sink in.


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Dec 12, 2001
Why doesn't anyone hate the shooter? There's so much more hate and outrage over other things than the shooter himself. If the shooter didn't die, I'd vote to make his life a living hell for 50 years.
No perceived political advantage to be gained in hating the shooter.


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Feb 20, 2022
Hard to read stories like above, but you feel like you have to, and then of course the sociopaths hop into the thread (Dude, Give it fvcking rest?!?) and it just reinforces what an effed up country you're living in.

I think we have patterns of interactions around here -- certain people that quarrel with certain people -- and (almost) regardless the topic of the thread, you get the same interaction.

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