Vanderbilt transgender controversy


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Sep 17, 2006
Not sure if I missed this being discussed, siap.

Law makers are threatening to to propose legislation that would ban underage procedures (for trangender patients), while advocacy organizations are fighting back.

"When they become adults, if they want to have a sex change operation, if they want to have cosmetic surgery, if they want to do whatever they’d like to do as adults, they’re adults, they can make decisions on their own. But leave our children alone," said Lambert, who also serves as the House Majority Leader.

This is a step in the right direction in my opinion. There is not solid evidence to support radical surgeries and hormones for these children. The widely accepted standard of care for treating gender dysphoria is written by a glorified advocacy group rather than based off of science based research.

Even Iowa, young girls (as young as 15) are getting recommended to have mastectomy for gender dysphoria. It goes without saying that many of these young kids are also getting started on hormone blockers at a young age as well.

Even the accepted standards of care recognize "that a childs gender may be fluid and develop over time". The guidelines state, only 6-23% of these kids with gender dysphoria will persist into aduldhood.