We need pitching

Jan 30, 2019
With Keaton coming back I really like the look of our lineup next year. Keaton is not a very good outfielder so I’d like to see him at first which it sounds like is happening. Huckstorf will be in center for sure because he’s a great defender and I really expect him and Sam Petersen improve offensively in their second season as starters for Iowa. Obviously we have the transfers from Kirkwood that put up video game numbers and a proven player coming in from wofford. Cade moss will be our every day catcher and that will be a huge step up from the production we got last year out of Mccleary and tall man the first 80 percent of the season. Every play Michael seegers will leadoff and play short again and likely hit Better as well. I call him every play Mike because I watched nearly every Iowa baseball game last year and can’t really remember him ever booting a ball. That leaves second base and third base as the only two positions that really aren’t filled. I think Sam hojnar will grab one of those spots. I think he’ll do a nice job hitting. Wilmes will be in contention for the other spot along with Andy Nelson and a newcomer may emerge. Overall I’ll think we will have a good lineup both offensively and defensively. What scares me is the pitching.

obviously langenberg had a great true sophomore season so you can pencil him in as one of the 3 weekend starters. I’m glad to see he’s doing well in summer ball because he was a big pleasant surprise this year and I was worried he may let the success go to his head and possibly regress a bit next year

as far as the other two starters I think Brody needs to Focus more on baseball. It’s not a huge surprise that he struggled with control a lot as a true freshman but we really need him to step up big in his true sophomore season and grab a weekend starter spot and run with it.

hopefully that will leave just 1 weekend starter spot open and for that spot I would like to see us get a proven starter out of the transfer portal. Connor Schultz and Marcus Morgan could be good pieces for depth but I don’t think we can count on either of them. With Duncan D getting drafted I’m not sure we have everyone that we can say with certainty can start games and be consistent.
The bullpen is also going to be a question mark with nedved and beutel departing. I know we have christopherson back and I could see him having a solid bounce back year but the bullpen will be a big question mark as well.

All in all I just feel we really need to get a transfer or two from the portal to help with our pitching needs or we’ll miss the NCAA tournament again next year. I like what we have coming back and the team has the potential to be very good but If you can’t pitch consistently it’s going to be hard to win enough games to get an at large bid. Especially with the high percentage we’re likely going to have to win to get a bid out of the big ten.

Go hawks!
what are everyone else’s thoughts?
I know Rick is trying and is aware of our pitching needs I just hope that he can find a good transfer from the portal if it’s not too late


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Oct 19, 2015
There are a few Juco pitchers coming. As of right now the roster is over the max so we still need guys to drop. You maybe thinking or Simpson instead of Schultz. I think by the spring Morgan will have figured out his yips as well. I think the bullpen will probably be fine I think there is enough proven guys in there. I think the issue will be getting consistent starts out of the 2nd and 3rd starters. The draft being so late makes getting transfers so much more difficult.


Dec 13, 2002
What Iowa did with Mazur this year should get some attention with transfers. He just signed for $1.25M after one year at Iowa as a transfer from South Dakota State where he was 3-9 with a 5.50 ERA over 16 starts in two seasons. At Iowa he was 7-3 with a 3.07 ERA in 15 starts against decidedly better competition.