What does this say?

Jun 13, 2020
I went through the play-by-play and counted the penalties. I noted 11 separate penalties called on Iowa, 10 on the offense and one on the defense (Dejean holding when he got beat). What does this say about the relative coaching and preparedness by the defensive coaching staff vs the offensive staff?

(I suppose I shouldn’t count the one penalty on “an assistant coach on the sideline”, unless it was a defensive coach who got flagged)
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HR Legend
Sep 21, 2005
It says our offensive players aren't very good so they keep getting beat and then they have to commit a foul to try to cover up for the fact they couldn't do it properly in the first place.


HR Heisman
Mar 12, 2004
I remember when Ferentz-coached teams were tough, disciplined and improved as the season progressed. I think you can still say that about the defense, but definitely not about the offense.

Brian’s job is coordinate all facets of the offense. He is doing a very poor job. They are undisciplined, not productive and are regressing. He is clearly over his head in this position. How the university allows this to continue baffles me. Brian’s offense is the joke of college football.