Who will be the Top 4 Seeds in B1G Tournament?


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Nov 20, 2019
It would be my opinion that Michigan State will be the odd team out . I see Purdue winning the regular season championship with a 15 and 5 record because of their remaining schedule. Illinois and Wisconsin will tie for 2nd and OSU will be 4th.

Illini 11&3 - @RU, @MSU, OSU, @MI, PSU, IA

PUR 11&4 - MD, @NW, RU, @MSU, @WI, IN

WIS 10&4 - @IN, MI, @MN, @RU, PUR, NE

MSU 9&4 - @PSU, ILL, @IA, @MI, @OSU, MD

OSU 8&4 - MN, IA, IN, @ILL, @MD, NE, MSU, MI


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Apr 1, 2021
In its last two games, Purdue has been blown out by a Michigan team that is highly unlikely to make the NCAA tournament and won, @ home, 62-61 over a Maryland team Iowa destroyed on the road while putting up 110 points. Is Purdue overrated? We'll see, but the Boilers could lose any number of those remaining games.

Illinois has a tough slog. They could easily lose 3 or 4, especially if they stopped allowing that barn with feet to play rugby on the basketball court.

Wisconsin has shown definite signs of vulnerability lately, but the remaining schedule isn't as tough as most.

MSU has been inconsistent and doesn't have a gimme left. Can the terrible troll get the calls the rest of the way?

OSU has a challenging schedule, but not overwhelmingly so. But stepping on the court without your best stuff can get you beat just about anytime, just about anywhere, even if you're one of these five teams.
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