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Apr 1, 2003
Alford had a lot of misses. Wasn’t there a Hispanic big guy named Gomez or something like that? And who was the 6’7” kid from Indiana that Alford offered as a sophomore in high school and barely played a minute?
I believe Marcelo Gomes was a Davis recruit. (As was Antonio Ramos). Neither amounted to much.

The 6-7 kid from Indiana was JR Angle. Finished his career under Lick.
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Jun 13, 2002
14 commitments who never played a minute at Iowa? I'm trying to name them all. Off the top of my head I can think of:
  • Jamie Vanderbecken
  • Josh Rhodes
  • Beas Hamga
  • Marcellus Sommerville
  • Nathan Skinner
  • Dairese Gary
  • That kid who went to a fake high school
Who am I missing? I feel like there might be at least one or two more from the last few years when Alford/Neal really started getting into the shady side of recruiting.

There was certainly a bunch, but I'm skeptical that there were actually 14.
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